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The Raytek Raynger® 3i Plus Portable Thermometer

Original price $3,915.00
Current price $3,599.00

The Raytek Raynger 3i Plus Infrared Thermometer is a high performance portable handheld pryometer. The Raytek 3i Plus is designed for high accuracy, high temperature measurement and tough operating environments. Easy to use and extremely rugged. Available with either a 1 Micron or 1.6 Micron detector.

Standard features include: Dual Laser Sighting, Locking Trigger, Audible Alarms, Digital Outputs, Data Logging (Up to 4,900 data points) & Bluetooth 4.0.

Optional Scope Sighting (Includes Laser Sighting)

The Raytek 3i Plus Includes Carrying Case, Neck Strap, Lithium-ion Re-chargeable Battery, Mini USB Cable, DataTemp Software for Real-Time Temperature Display & Data Down Load



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